Michel Colas, naturopath iridologist reflexologist
I've been working as a microelectronic engineer in the semiconductor industry
for 20 years. Then, some years ago, I decided to devote myself to the health care
and wellbeing of individuals.
This choice is in adequacy with my deepest values.
It makes the association between what was motivating me in my previous activity: the enthusiasm
for doing a good job and working towards satisfying customers, with what is mobilizing
me since always: the protection of nature and environment and the promotion for an ecological
lifetstyle more respectful of the person and suitable to our time.
I came this way naturally to choose learning Naturopathy which considers the person as a whole, 
strenghthens the symbiosis of body and spirit and relies on relaxing and invigorating healing methods.
I am thereby fully engaged today in advising people how to take care of their health or improve it using natural methods. 
This supporting approach must lead at the end to more autonomy for the person in the management of her wellbeing.

My qualifications:
      Certification Diploma of Reflexology from the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR UK, London)
            The IIR is the only reflexology school licensed to teach the Original Ingham Method® of Reflexology,
            the world’s leading authority on reflexology.
        l Naturopath Diploma from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada (AMCC)
      Iridology Practitioner Diploma from the Institut Français des Sciences de l'Homme (IFSH, Nice)
      Bilingual French/English 

Evelina Cardellini-Colas, naturopath iridologist lympho-énergie
After having completed a master's degree in econometrics (application of statistical
and mathematical methods in the field of economics) and started my professional life
in the industry, I devoted myself to bring up my children.
Wishing also to provide assistance to people to the best of my ability,
I've been involved in voluntary work actions for several years.
Little by little, I got very concerned about the quality of food that is available to us today
and about the importance of proper nutrition for maintaining good health.
This drove me to get interested with Naturopathy that builds the link between my ecological
and environmental concerns and my desire to support the persons who suffer and do not
find answer to their health issues.
I then decided to go again into studies and become naturopath iridologist to be able
to help people find the way to wellbeing in natural and pleasant manner.
Then I wished to enlarge my competencies and become a Lympho-Energie® drainage practitioner. 
I had the pleasure to be trained by Dominique Jacquemay who is the originator of this innovative method. 
Lympho-Energie® combines original and very gentle movements for improving the lymph flow with the chinese meridians 
and acupuncture points. I chose to learn and practice this method because it is perfectly in line with Naturopathy
in considering the whole person with a personalized approach. 

My qualifications :
         l Naturopath-Iridologist Diploma from the Collège de Naturopathie Rénovée André Lafon (CNR André Lafon, Rochefort)
       Method of Lympho-Energie® drainage by Dominique Jacquemay, Paris (www.lympho-energie.com)
       Bilingual French/Italian