Here are some testimonials from our clients

about our manual treatments                   

Christine (translated from French) « 2012, the year I made a discovery.... close to my home;

 2 naturopaths made me discover energetic lymph drainages

 and ... more ; I kew it existed but ........


 I also discovered natural products that I use everyday now. All of this helped

 me lose weight, some lost kilos beneficial to my diabetes ; I feel I have

 discovered something rare and marvelous ; After my treatments

 I am over the moon, at very high altitude and I look forward the next treatment ........

I hope 2013 will be even more beautiful ........ »


Diana « For several years, I had been taking medication every day for my allergies

 and asthma.  I decided to try reflexology after having tried a variety of allopathic

 treatments without success.  After each session of reflexology, I had a profound

 sensation of well-being.

 Thanks to the benefits of my sessions with Mr. Colas, I don’t take medication

 anymore for my allergies, and I use my inhaler less frequently.

 When all other treatments failed, reflexology helped me to find balance again. »

 Daniel « I am always on the go - rushed for time.  So reflexology, for me, is nowhere near my

 list of priorities. After a recent feet session with Cabinet de Naturopathie Colas Cardellini,

 is it definitely on my priority list.

 During the 30 minutes feet session - in a very relaxed and spacious environment,

 I discovered lots of interested sensations. I felt a strong sense of well-being,

 an all over good feeling, body healing sensation. It felt to me that all the parts of my body

 were in communication with each other.

 These sensations I had never experienced before. I went into a state of body calm

 which went from my toes to the top of my head, incredible. »