Reflexology in the workplace
Reflexology has proved to be very popular in the field of stress reduction
and is easy to carry out in the workplace.

Regular reflexology teatments not only produce
deep relaxation, but they may also relieve pain caused by
stress-related conditions: back pain, headaches, sleep disorders,
digestive disorders, tiredness, irritability...

Recommended frequency of treatments may vary in time
depending on the body's needs.

Benefits to your company may include: enhanced concentration, efficiency and accuracy,
better relationships 
amongst staff, enhanced staff resilience
and resistance to infection and disease...

In some countries, notably Denmark, firms have been involving
complementary therapies in the maintenance of wellbeing amongst
their workforce for a number of years and reflexologists
are increasingly employed by companies with impresive results
in term of productivity and financial benefits.

We will be happy to assist you in implementing an in-house reflexology 
service for your employees. Feel free to contact us:

Tel: 06 07 63 75 24

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