Our role as naturopath
The naturopath is a practitioner of natural medicine. He does not diagnose diseases
nor prescribe or treat for a specific condition.
The naturopath adopts a holistic approach, he looks at the person as a whole and takes
into account all aspects of her life: physical, psychological, emotional, social...
He is not focused on treating the symptoms but seeks to address the root causes of disease
and works in depth to their correction to obtain lasting results.

The naturopath emphasizes the prevention of health problems: first and
foremost, our intent is to educate the individual about the possible ways
to review his lifestyle habits to improve his health and help prevent the
onset of diseases. Naturopathic treatments are complementary to
conventional medicine.

Our approach
Our naturopathic consultation starts with a thorough assessment of your health status and   
case history. This gives us a better understanding of the troubles that are affecting you and allows
the detection of some eventual deficiencies and the evaluation of the nature and amount of excess.
We thereby examine all the aspects of your lifestyle routines: nutrition, level of stress,
social environment, rhythm of life, physical activities... This in-depth interview may be completed
with an iris analysis, that reveals the level of vitality and the disease tendencies of the person.

With this information, we can then elaborate with the person an individualized treatment plan
that usually goes three steps: preparation, drainage, revitalization / stabilization.
The approach aims to strenghthen the body's own inherent healing ability, encourages the self-
responsibility for health and empowers the individual to engage in lifestyle reforms that will bring
the organism into balance and equilibrium moving towards a state of optimal health.

Naturopathy can be effective in alleviating a wide range of health conditions: intestinal disorders,
insomnia, rheumatism, skin problems, ear, nose and throat problems, allergies, asthma,
circulatory problems, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and painful periods, menopause,
as complementary care for patients with serious illnesses...
The treatment methods     

During the different steps of the treatment process, the naturopath
may recommend natural nutritional supplements based on plants
or minerals: fresh plant extracts, flower essences, oligo-elements,
vitamins, macerates of tree buds, essential oils...

The advices about healthy lifestyle, in particular the dietary advices,
are very important aspects of the therapeutic follow-up. Then changing
unhealthy eating habits as well as sticking to healthier new ones are
necessary conditions to obtain long lasting benefits.

If necessary, the naturopath may as well propose the person to have recourse to relaxation techniques.
Our naturopathic office in Saint-Laurent-du-Var offers you the possibility to attend sessions of famous
manual techniques delivered by highly qualified practitioners:
Foot Reflexology (Original Ingham Method®and  Lympho-Energie ® drainage.