Full body manual lymphatic drainage 

manual lymphatic drainage named"Lympho-Energie
is an innovative method which combines original wave-like movements for assisting and
improving the lymph flow with the stimulation of acupuncture points along the meridians
of traditional Chinese medicine. 

During a session, the practitioner drains the  whole bodyfront and back
and/or the face and works a selection of acupuncture points.

Sessions include virgin vegetable oils and 100% pure and natural essential oils.

On the first session, I will first have a talk with you to tailor a treatment plan specific
to your needs, determine the amount and frequency of treatments required and 
choose the essential oils suitable to your case.

Lympho-Energie® lymphatic drainage aims to facilitate the natural elimination
of toxins from the body, very softlyand encourages the removal of energy blockages. 
It also helps relieve stress and promotethe improvement of blood supply. 

This drainage also acts on cellulite and water retention. It then can contribute
to refine the silhouette and help lose weight.


Draining and lifting care of the face and jade roller 

This gentle and deeply-relaxing drainage of the face improves microcirculation and stimulates facial muscles.
It has anti-wrinkle properties and improves the quality and appearance of skin. 

Our facial care starts with the application of Jade roller. Jade roller was the privileged acces­sory
of the Chinese empresses attached to maintain their smooth and youthful faces.
A natural lifting care of the face is obtained with the combination of lympho-énergie® movements and the usage
of jade roller and jade Gua Sha. The refined movements of jade roller improve the facial microcirculation
while special cooling effects of jade help to tighten skin pores and produce a pleasant sensation.


Lympho-Energie and plastic surgery 

Lympho-Energie® drainage is an ideal post-operative treatment for those who have recently undergone
plastic surgery. It greatly helps speed up healing and reduce edema and swelling. Lympho-Energie®
encourages tissue regeneration and can decrease and smooth scar tissue.
Drainage is performed with specially adapted vegetable and essentials oils.

The drainage is also recommended prior to surgery as it will stimulate the immune system and promote
deep relaxation.

This manual treatment based on very gentle touch brings you well-being and gives a nice feeling
with healing effects for mind and body.

Please notice: Drainage of the face is performed on makeup free skin. If you come wearing makeup, you can bring
the necessary to remove it at our office before start of treatment and apply makeup at the end of session.